The Skateboard Girl

The Skateboard Girl aka Stefani Nurding.

About Stefani Nurding

The Skateboard Girl - Stefani Nurding

Skateboarding has been a massive part of my life over the last 9 years. So much so that I set up a dedicated skateboarding blog named The Skateboard Girl. Alongside The Skateboard Girl, I also run a Fashion blog named The Concrete Chameleon and run a skateboard business called Salon Skateboards. I’m currently sponsored by Vans and I am the only Model Skater Girl in the UK.

What Is The Skateboard Girl?

I’m sure you haven’t been able to avoid the fact that female skateboarding has hit the big time lately and in turn has seen a huge increase in participation all over the world with Lizzie Armanto just getting the cover of Thrasher Magazine! That is exactly what The Skateboard Girl is all about. Taking what’s considered to be a masculine sport and showing that girls can be a part of it too whilst incorporating current fashion. As The Skateboard Girl, I love to mix feminine style fashion with classic skate style fashion.


I am a girl skater with style who is passionate about Fashion, Styling and Photography. I spend a lot of time curating Skateboarding Fashion Items and Outfits, posting reviews about the latest trends and pitching ideas as inspiration to both a male and female audiences of skateboard and fashion followers. It’s a bit like Thrasher Magazine but more feminine like surfings Alana Banchard.

How do we get more girls involved?

There was a time when I felt really on the outside of skateboarding because of the fashion I dressed. But now I’ve established The Skateboard Girl, I feel like I’m part of something bigger. It’s not thanks to mainstream core skate, but thanks to the Fashion industry and to the girls who own their own style taking skateboarding out of its usual context and supporting the girls.

Fashion or Vogue can represent an idea so much that when you see myself as The Skateboard Girl or Lizzie Armanto wearing feminine clothing In a fashion magazine or skateboarding magazine, girls feel like they have a place and platform. I am a feminist but one who actually is for the women whatever type of women they are.

Who Are My Inspirations?

    • Thrasher
    • Girl Skate UK
    • Mahfia
    • The Skate Kitchen
    • Rianne Evans
    • Savannah Stacey Keenan
    • Thrasher Magazine
    • Alana Blanchard
    • Lacey Baker
    • Sammaria Brevard
    • Savannah Headen
    • Rachelle Vinberg
    • Lizzie Armanto
    • Vogue
    • Lucy Adams

Who are my favourite brands?

    • Gucci
    • Prada
    • Vogue
    • Fendi
    • Vans

Where Does Being The Skateboard Girl Take Me?

I travel a lot of the world being The Skateboard Girl which allows me to connect with other skateboarders and blog about my experiences. Check out where I’ve been recently…